Below is an example character, erase it and fill in the info – you get 10d6 that you can divide among your traits (e.g. Grlfnar has 4d6 for viking)

Name: Grlfnar Vainsson the Viking

How would you describe yourself?
Tall, blond, and grinning. Likes to drink and fight and dring and chase Viking women and fight and sail the high seas and raid. Wants to write great sagas about himself.

Defining Trait: Viking (4) – Tools: Loincloth, wooden shield, golden axe
Defining Trait: Womanizer (2) – Tools: none
Defining Trait: Gambler (3) – Tools: 2 six-sided dice made from a bone of the first person I defeated in combat
Defining Trait: Poet (1) – Tools: Vlognarfer’s Guide to Viking Legends



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